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Laura's Articles - Archives

Laura's articles are published monthly on the San Dimas Community News, the La Verne Community News, the Glendora Community News, and the Azusa Community News. She is also a regular contributor to The Messenger, a Spiritual newspaper operating within the greater Los Angeles area and online editions.

Please feel free to share her articles and other publications with your friends and family. All that she asks is that you please include the credits at the bottom of the article. Laura would love to hear from you whenever you share her writings with others.

Month of July/August 2007
The Power of Day Dreaming 

Einstein said, "Imagination is your preview of coming events". In other words we create our reality with our thoughts. The more positive our thoughts and outlook for life, the more peaceful and harmonious our lives will be. In many cases the problem is that we can not make ourselves think positive. The problem is not a lack of desire for positive thinking, the problem resides in our subconscious minds, it keeps sabotaging our efforts. Let me explain. Our subconscious minds have been programmed with both negative and positive thoughts since the time we are born. Remember that we are like sponges ' absorbing from our environment, especially the first 9 to 12 years of our lives. We absorb good and bad, without judgment by the mind. If we grew up in an environment of “worries”, we become worriers. If we grew up in an environment that fostered anger, we learn to react with anger. If all we saw was lack and limitation, we grew up knowing that life was hard and that we needed to work hard to make money, for example. 

By the time we reach adulthood, we have a mind that has been programmed with many aspects we would rather eliminate from our minds. The problem then becomes the fact that our mind is very powerful and it has the power to create a reality from those old programs. When we decide to change our thinking and think positive, the subconscious mind rejects the idea. The subconscious mind rejects the idea only because it’s protecting an opposite idea. For example, if we are trying to change our programming regarding money and we use affirmations such as “Money comes easily and effortlessly” or “I am rich and abundant”, the mind rejects them because it already has a belief that says, “Life is hard” or “There is never enough money”. 

So how do we access this mind and change our programming? Our way is through the power of Hypnosis. Hypnosis is a low brain frequency where our physical bodies are relaxed and the mind is in focused state. We enter light states of hypnosis throughout the day just before we fall sleep or as we are waking up in the morning. We also enter light states of hypnosis when we are absorbed reading a book or watching a movie. We can also reach this level by daydreaming. Here is a recipe for you: 

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. 
  2. For a few moments, focus on your breath. Feel it coming in and out as it relaxes your body. 
  3. Bring your eyes 30 degrees up under your eyelids, without straining your eyes, just softly bring them up a little. 
  4. Count yourself 5 to 0 and as you do, feel every part of your body becoming heavier and heavier, especially your extremities. 
  5. Daydream. This is not about hard work affirming, this is about having fun in your mind daydreaming. Fantasize. See yourself with your completed goal. This goal may be simply being happy and fulfilled with your life, it may be seeing yourself doing what you love, may be seeing yourself surrounded with all the abundance and richness you deserve. 
  6. Count yourself back from 0 to 5, telling yourself you’re waking up feeling full of energy and totally awake. 

Do this twice or three times a day, or as often as you want. In between, keep these images in your mind. The most important part about daydreaming is feeling it in your heart and having fun while you do it. Get really into it. Believe and feel it in your heart. Feel joy and gratitude. Remember to keep it all in the “present”, that’s what daydreaming means. It means you’re transporting yourself and seeing things as if they are the reality already. When we feel with our hearts we are impressing our subconscious mind at a very deep level. Then, at this point, we trigger the law of attraction and our outer word changes and we create the outer reality we desire. As always, remember, you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. It’s ultimately your choice to be happy by remembering your Divine nature.

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Laura Bonilla, C.Ht. is a Licensed Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Laura’s holistic approach is to bring the Spirit, Mind and Body into Oneness. Through her private practice she helps people be successful in life. For private sessions, information about her workshops or to buy her Self Hypnosis CDs please go to or contact her online. You can always read her articles and archives on her website. All her materials are copyrighted © 2020. Reprints allowed with credits intact.