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Laura's Articles - Archives

Laura's articles are published monthly on the San Dimas Community News, the La Verne Community News, the Glendora Community News, and the Azusa Community News. She is also a regular contributor to The Messenger, a Spiritual newspaper operating within the greater Los Angeles area and online editions.

Please feel free to share her articles and other publications with your friends and family. All that she asks is that you please include the credits at the bottom of the article. Laura would love to hear from you whenever you share her writings with others.

Month of September/October 2007
The Game of Life 

We are in! We are in this game of life and have no choice but to play it. But how can we play the game without knowing the rules? You ask. That’s right! We must know the rules. 

Imagine a group of children playing basketball, skillfully applying the rules of that game. Now imagine a newcomer, another child, coming and deciding to simply “join” the game. He gets into the court but has no idea what the game is or how to play it. He runs aimlessly throughout the court until he gets so discouraged he quits and leaves the court. Well, we do not have the choice of simply ‘leaving’ life, at least, most of us will not be making that choice. So, we are in! We better learn the rules. It’s easier to learn the rules than to go through life hating it or thinking you want to exit. 

Here are a few rules that can help make your game more enjoyable. 

  • Know that this whole thing is a game. Begin by observing how you react, your thoughts patterns, your attitude. Take life lighter, enjoy the little things. Know there is a reason for every experience. 
  • Know it was your choice to come in the first place. God allowed it and gave you free will to play this game. We just forgot it was a game as soon as we were born. 
  • Know that you decided on the lessons we wanted to learn this lifetime. 
  • Know that everyone around you, no exception, is giving you opportunities to practice what you wanted to learn. For example, if you decided you wanted to come and become more forgiving, the Universe will make sure you get plenty of practice in the forgiving department. When you do not know these rules, you may become bitter and angry at the abuse or neglect from others, until you realize, wait! it is a game and these people in my life are giving me the opportunity to practice forgiveness. 
  • Know that it is a perfect, balance Universe. Every cause has an effect. What effects do you desire? Be loving, compassionate, forgiving and the Universe will have no choice but to bring them to you. 
  • Know that we are all in it together. We are all connected to the Source, all playing roles. See everyone playing roles. Observe the roles you have been playing. You can choose to switch roles at any time. The role of “poor me” can be switched to a more empowering role. Take complete responsibility for your actions, embracing and forgiving yourself completed. No need to beat yourself up, after all it is a game. 
  • Know that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, forgive your mistakes, forgive everyone else’s mistakes. Playing a human experience ensures that we will ALL make mistakes. Let’s not judge. It’s all a game. We are all trying to learn and evolve to go back to the Source. 

There are more rules, you will learn them at the appropriate time. 

Lastly, you may want to see the purpose of the game as “remembering”. We come forgetting our true nature, forgetting how beautiful, powerful, and magnificent we are. We forget we are all children of this Universe. But little by little, by playing the game, we start remembering. Finally we awaken and win the game. We become one with the Source.

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Laura Bonilla, C.Ht. is a Licensed Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Laura’s holistic approach is to bring the Spirit, Mind and Body into Oneness. Through her private practice she helps people be successful in life. For private sessions, information about her workshops or to buy her Self Hypnosis CDs please go to or contact her online. You can always read her articles and archives on her website. All her materials are copyrighted © 2020. Reprints allowed with credits intact.