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Laura's Articles - Archives

Laura's articles are published monthly on the San Dimas Community News, the La Verne Community News, the Glendora Community News, and the Azusa Community News. She is also a regular contributor to The Messenger, a Spiritual newspaper operating within the greater Los Angeles area and online editions.

Please feel free to share her articles and other publications with your friends and family. All that she asks is that you please include the credits at the bottom of the article. Laura would love to hear from you whenever you share her writings with others.

Month of May/June 2008
Learning to Love Yourself 

We are Loving beings, this is our true nature. Love is the most natural thing for us to feel and to do. Love heals our minds and it heals our bodies. Love is the most contagious and beautiful emotion there is. Only Love is real and only Love will create peace in the world. From Love we get to peace, compassion, understanding, joy, and an abundant life. 

However, we have learned to block Love and to hide it deep within. The Spiritual beings that we are go dormant inside of us, and with it, love goes dormant as well. We allow the mind and its programs to take over. The opposite emotions of Love, such as anger, resentment, fears, and such are learned behaviors. They are not part of our Divine Nature. We learned those negative emotions through our environment and the upbringing. The good news is that what we learn, we can unlearn. This is our power. One way to unlearn all of these low level emotions is by uncovering the Love that is within all of us. 

Having free will, we get to choose what to make of this human experience, but no matter what, we “are” Spiritual beings made of Love. We can pretend all we want, but really, we are beautiful, powerful, magnificent and abundant beings… children of this Infinite Universe… with the power to create peace, harmony and love in our lives. 

We get to choose every single day if we want to be connected to the Soul, the Spirit that we are or to go through life believing little of ourselves. It is this decision, this intention that will unleash that Love within or keep it hiding. 

To awaken that Love within, we need to start by loving ourselves. This is the most important step toward loving others, loving the world, and creating an abundant and peaceful life. I suggest that you start by giving yourself a break. Understand that we are having a human experience and as such, it is not supposed to be perfect. It is supposed to be fun! Even now, stop and take a deep breath. Try this more often, through your day. You need to take time to feel your body and to calm the mind. Slowing the mind means stop thinking more often. At first it’s a difficult task because the mind wants to keep racing all the time. The more you practice, the more the mind will become quiet and still. 

Engage in an activity just for you. This may be as simple as taking time to go to a park by yourself. Sit quietly and pay attention to your surroundings, to the sounds, the colors, the smells, the feelings in your body. Sit quietly just enjoying yourself. Another simple activity is showering. Truly enjoy the experience of showering. Take the time to feel the sensations in the body as the water runs through your body. Allow yourself to feel your body and tell yourself how much you appreciate, honor, and love your own body, yourself. Loving yourself means connecting with your own senses, with your own feelings and embracing them. Slow down. 

Make the decision to take life less seriously. Choose to smile and laugh more often, and to remain happy throughout the day. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Allow yourself to stay in the moment. No sense in rethinking the past that is gone, and no sense in worrying about tomorrow. It’s more fun to simply enjoy the moment. 

As you start reconnecting to your own Self, you will feel that Love that you are awakening within. This Love is contagious and delicious. Allow yourself to feel the Love that you are. That Love will heal your body and will heal your mind. That Love will heal the World, one person at a time. Stop pretending and be the Love that you are. 

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Laura Bonilla, C.Ht. is a Licensed Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Laura’s holistic approach is to bring the Spirit, Mind and Body into Oneness. Through her private practice she helps people be successful in life. For private sessions, information about her workshops or to buy her Self Hypnosis CDs please go to or contact her online. You can always read her articles and archives on her website. All her materials are copyrighted © 2020. Reprints allowed with credits intact.