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Laura's Articles - Archives

Laura's articles are published monthly on the San Dimas Community News, the La Verne Community News, the Glendora Community News, and the Azusa Community News. She is also a regular contributor to The Messenger, a Spiritual newspaper operating within the greater Los Angeles area and online editions.

Please feel free to share her articles and other publications with your friends and family. All that she asks is that you please include the credits at the bottom of the article. Laura would love to hear from you whenever you share her writings with others.

Month of March 2010 
5 ways to remember You are Spirit 

We hear ‘You are a Spiritual Being” all the time, at least you do, because I keep telling you every chance I get! The problem is that we don’t seem to remember, truly remember, who we are for more than five minutes. Why is that? Because it is not engrained in your subconscious. You know it at some intellectual level, but it has not gone deep where it need to be. Let me give you 5 things you can do to take the belief from your conscious to your subconscious, so that “I AM a Spiritual Being” is all you know with all of your consciousness, with every cell and every atom of you body. 

  1. In the morning at night, still in bed, say it to yourself with feelings. Tell yourself: I AM a Spiritual Being. I inhabit this physical body and I am visiting this magical planet. I am made of Love and I’m radiating it all day long. 
  2. Go thru your day with a firm intention to remain present and aware of the beauty all around you. Notice all the little things in life. Connect with everyone. Smile, be helpful in new ways, help a stranger in need.
  3. Notice your “Avatar” (your physical body) and observe its wanting and desires and its behaviors and patterns. Do not attach to them. You are only the observer. You are observing your Avatar but you’re so much more than it.
  4. As a Spiritual Being, decide if you don’t have something good or positive to say, you will not say it, because you’re Spirit of Love and not the ego.
  5. Appreciate the miracle of this planet by honoring it in very practical ways. Maybe for you it is to waste less resources, maybe it is to recycle, and maybe it is to plant a new tree. Discover the wonders of this world and of your body by remembering that you are a Spiritual Being visiting this planet. Happy journey and many blessings.

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Laura Bonilla, C.Ht. is a Licensed Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Laura’s holistic approach is to bring the Spirit, Mind and Body into Oneness. Through her private practice she helps people be successful in life. For private sessions, information about her workshops or to buy her Self Hypnosis CDs please go to or contact her online. You can always read her articles and archives on her website. All her materials are copyrighted © 2020. Reprints allowed with credits intact.