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Laura's Articles - Archives

Laura's articles are published monthly on the San Dimas Community News, the La Verne Community News, the Glendora Community News, and the Azusa Community News. She is also a regular contributor to The Messenger, a Spiritual newspaper operating within the greater Los Angeles area and online editions.

Please feel free to share her articles and other publications with your friends and family. All that she asks is that you please include the credits at the bottom of the article. Laura would love to hear from you whenever you share her writings with others.

Month of April 2010 
Spring: Time to Birth Your Dreams

by Laura Bonilla
Spiritual Coaching and Hypnotherapy 

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings. It is the season for birth, so allow yourself to birth your dreams now. During winter we are supposed to be a little more dormant, we are supposed to rest. But Spring is here and is time for you to wake up to who you really are. It’s time for to discover your own talents and gifts. Yes! You are talented and gifted, unique in this whole Universe. You are Divine in Nature and you came to this planet to create. There is a seed in you growing and it is ready to bloom! Allow it to bloom and to become the manifestation of your dreams.

First, you must surrender and relax. It’s in a quiet and peaceful mind that your creative Self will come forth. It is not by worrying and stressing that you will accomplish anything. At least, there is an easier way. It’s by going within, to the center of your heart. It’s by becoming silent and mindful. It is by trusting that by remaining calm and peaceful, ideas will come forth at the right time. The Universe will support you in magical and miraculous ways. 

There are a few things you can do just to prepare for the manifestation and expression of your True Self. 

  1. Connect with nature every day. Even for a few minutes every day, allow the Sun to warm you. Allow the wind to caress you. Allow the soil to support you. Allow the water to cleans you. Do these things mindfully, connecting your senses to these elements.
  2. Practice mindfulness. Whether it is taking a shower, washing dishes, or driving, stay in the NOW. Be present in each activity and with each person.
  3. Clear your space from clutter. Clear the garage, clear closets. Get rid of stuff. It’s stuff that is blocking any creative energy. When you clean your space, energetically, you’re clearing your mind.
  4. Go around with a big smile, smiling at your inner body, at your organs, and at the outer world. Smile with everyone you encounter. Strive to be happy. 

The seeds within will grow and bloom into beautiful unique expressions if the "soil" in you is fertilized with peace, harmony, and love. It is your choice. Happy Spring and happy birthing. 

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Laura Bonilla, C.Ht. is a Licensed Spiritual Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Laura’s holistic approach is to bring the Spirit, Mind and Body into Oneness. Through her private practice she helps people be successful in life. For private sessions, information about her workshops or to buy her Self Hypnosis CDs please go to or contact her online. You can always read her articles and archives on her website. All her materials are copyrighted © 2020. Reprints allowed with credits intact.