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Creating a Peace and Calm Mind

Creating a Peace and Calm Mind is a hypnotic journey where we will let go of anxiety and fears. We will let go of the old patterns and behaviors of the mind to welcome a new sense of peace in your mind and in your body. 

Fears and anxieties become automatic behaviors by the mind and you find yourself endlessly worrying about anything and everything and seldom are you able to stop your mind. You feel like your mind is "running at a thousand miles per second" and it affects your body because with the worries and concerns it releases toxins, which you may feel as nervousness. 

The intention of this audio, as with each one of my audios, is to let go of old and false beliefs and welcome new and true beliefs about yourself. With this particular audio, we will train the mind to stop all the random thoughts and worries. We will train the mind to be silent so that you can feel the peace and the joy you were born to experience. 

In this session, you will allow yourself to go into a safe and wonderful state of relaxation and surrendering and each time, you will come back to a new beautiful state which will become your natural everyday state. You will then be able to enjoy life fully!

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Listen to a sample of this Self Hypnosis session: 
(must wear DUAL headsets to get the effects for this track otherwise it will sound distorted!) 

I am very excited to present these series of audio CDs and downloads to you. It is my desire that you enjoy them and find them beneficial in your Spiritual and self-development journey. 

Each one of my audio features at least the following tracks: 

  1. An introduction/lecture (about 6 minutes long) 
  2. The main hypnosis/guided meditation session (30+ min) 
  3. An added bonus, a written document with tips and/or affirmations 

My audios are digitally recorded with powerful techniques and healing vibrations. To learn about what goes into my audios (as well as any listening requirements) please click here.

Your investment to begin taking charge of your Life is: 

Each audio CD (shipped to you) is $26.88 (plus tax/shipping) 
Each audio mp3 (immediately downloadable file) is $16.88 

Check back soon for new titles! I am always getting feedback on audios people would like to see. If you need anything in particular, I will definitely consider creating it! Just contact me and let me know.

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Important Notice

All of my products (including CDs, mp3s, and downloadable products) are protected by copyright laws as well as Karmic laws. I lovingly ask that you direct anyone to this page to buy his/her own copy and to get his/her own downloads. Each time you buy my products or my services, you are supporting my mission and my purpose, which is to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Also, if you know someone who cannot afford my downloads, please click visit the Self Hypnosis and CDs page to find free CDs made especially for people with specific financial needs. Donations are appreciated as they allow me to fund this program. Many blessings to you!