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Daily Guided Meditation with the Gong

This audio is a little different than my other audios, because this is not a hypnosis session, per se. This is an actual meditation session, which we will do together, you and I. The purpose and reason of creating this audio is to assist you with your Spiritual evolution. It is also to assist you in reprogramming the mind. One aspect of reprogramming the mind is to learn to be quieter. When the mind is very quiet, the Spirit that you are comes out to express Itself freely. This allows for the transformation of your life and the achievement of your dreams and goals.

The practice of meditation is ancient and sacred. The daily practice of meditation should help you achieve more peace of mind, creativity, greater focus and concentration, and a higher state of consciousness. Meditating regularly takes a bit of discipline which most people lack. I am offering this audio so that we can do it together. 

You will receive an introduction track and a written document, in which I explain exactly what and how we will meditate, including breathing techniques, inspired by Paramahansa Yogananda. In the main track --the guided meditation-- I will guide you gently and then you will enter into the Silence and it will be the sacred vibration of the gong which will accompany us then. We will end by praying and sending blessings to your loved ones and the planet. Whether you are advanced or a beginner meditator, join me as we meditate together every day with the gong!

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Listen to a sample of this Self Hypnosis session: 
(must wear DUAL headsets to get the effects for this track otherwise it will sound distorted!) 

I am very excited to present these series of audio CDs and downloads to you. It is my desire that you enjoy them and find them beneficial in your Spiritual and self-development journey. 

Each one of my audio features at least the following tracks: 

  1. An introduction/lecture (about 6 minutes long) 
  2. The main hypnosis/guided meditation session (30+ min) 
  3. An added bonus, a written document with tips and/or affirmations 

My audios are digitally recorded with powerful techniques and healing vibrations. To learn about what goes into my audios (as well as any listening requirements) please click here.

Your investment to begin taking charge of your Life is: 

Each audio CD (shipped to you) is $26.88 (plus tax/shipping) 
Each audio mp3 (immediately downloadable file) is $16.88 

Check back soon for new titles! I am always getting feedback on audios people would like to see. If you need anything in particular, I will definitely consider creating it! Just contact me and let me know.

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Important Notice

All of my products (including CDs, mp3s, and downloadable products) are protected by copyright laws as well as Karmic laws. I lovingly ask that you direct anyone to this page to buy his/her own copy and to get his/her own downloads. Each time you buy my products or my services, you are supporting my mission and my purpose, which is to help people live happier and more fulfilled lives.

Also, if you know someone who cannot afford my downloads, please click visit the Self Hypnosis and CDs page to find free CDs made especially for people with specific financial needs. Donations are appreciated as they allow me to fund this program. Many blessings to you!